Ultrapure Water Journal, Volume 32 Number 3, (May/June2015)

Ultrapure Water Journal is the only publication for users of high-purity water in the microelectronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and electric power generation industries

Highlights from this issue include:

On The Waterfront – Game Changers
Mike Henley

Disinfection – Enhanced TOC Reduction in Pharmaceutical Water Systems Using Highly Reflective UV Disinfection Reactors
John Wammes, CPIP, CWS-VI, Gwynne Cavender, George Diefenthal and J.R. Cooper, PhD 

Materials – A Study of the Effect of Elastomeric Seals Exposed to Ozone
Katrin Wallheinke, PhD, Wolfgang Paul, Jeffrey Sixsmith, Casey Williamson and Marty Burkhart

Ultrapure Water for Pharmaceuticals Conference

Bethesda, Maryland | June 2-3 2015 This event explores the latest trends in the UPW industry. Expert speakers will explain the latest technologies and their applications, and provide new insights from the end-user perspective.

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