Ultrapure Water Journal, Volume 31 Number 4, (July/August 2014)

Ultrapure Water Journal is the only publication for users of high-purity water in the microelectronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and electric power generation industries

Highlights from this issue include:

Pharmaceuticals – Part 1: Technical and Regulatory Perspective on Establishing and Maintaining Microbial Purity in Pharmaceutical Water Systems.
Edward G. Helmig
– Dynamic Distribution Modeling to Optimize Point-of-Use Supply Pressure
John Morgan and Matthew Weglewski
Ion Exchange
– Troubleshooting an Ion Exchange Mixed-Bed Unit
Donald Downey

– Tech Brief: Know Whether to Calibrate, Clean, or Perform a pH Calibration Check
Fred Kohlmann

Legal Review
– Dollars and Sense: A Water Technology Owner’s Guide to Transferring Intellectual Property
Clifton E. McCann and Gregory D. Chafee

Ultrapure Water for Microelectronics Conference

Phoenix, AZ | 2-3 December 2014 This event explores the latest trends in the UPW industry. Expert speakers will explain the latest technologies and their applications, and provide new insights from the end-user perspective. We look at the latest innovations in design and metrology and also find out how to keep costs to a minimum.

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