About Ultrapure: Mastering the Industrial Water Cycle

Ultrapurewater.com is an online controlled circulation publication that focuses on technologies, trends and troubleshooting for users of high purity and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems.

Formerly published as the bi-monthly title's Ultrapure Water Journal and Industrial Water Treatment Magazine, the new Ultrapurewater.com unites the two publications, with a continued focus on high quality, high value technical articles covering utility; process; domestic and wastewater applications, Concentrating on Cooling Water; Boiler Feedwater; Wastewater; Microelectronics and Pharmaceuticals. Coverage also includes industry news; patents; technology developments; water market information and interviews with industry professionals.


Editor: Mike Henley
Mike has been the editor of Ultrapure and it's former titles’ Ultrapure Water Journal and Industrial Water Treatment Magazine for 25 years. Contact him with queries relating to editorial content.
Contact: mhenley@globalwaterintel.com

Operations & Customer Services: Bonnie Eastland
Contact: bonnie.eastland@globalwaterintel.com | Tel 303-731-5618

Advertising: Media Business Manager: Maryrose Watts
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About Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence is the leading market researcher for the international water market. It produces reports, databases, web products and monthly/weekly subscription publications for professionals in the water industry. It also organizes training courses and two major Summits for the water industry each year: the Global Water Summit and the American Water Summit. Based in Oxford, UK, it also has offices in Singapore and Austin, Texas.

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