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Is a New Water Treatment Paradigm Needed?

By Mike Henley


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Evolving Approaches To Power Station Water/Steam Treatment

By Brad Buecker

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Technology Briefing

Changing Boiler Feedwater Chemistry and Its Impact On Metal Transport

By Steven A. Dunn

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Highly Ozonized UPW and Its Impact On Filters

By Jochen Ruth and Gerd Heser


What Is the Most Useful Measurement?

Compiled by Mike Henley 

Water Stocks

Water Stocks: June 2016

Compiled by the UPW Team


Johnson Matthey purchases Miox; Pall launches mobile water treatment business; WSP agrees to buy Schlumberger's industrial water business; Evoqua signs pact for wastewater treatment solutions

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Evaluating A Combined-Cycle Plant With An Air-cooled Condenser For ZLD

By Nicole Makela, Michele Funk; P.E., Joel Davie; P.E. and Ian Mitchell; P.E.

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Reflections on UPW Micro and UPW Pharma Events, June 7-8 | Austin, Texas

By Mike Henley


Latest Patent Summaries: MPC Inc's Filtration system and Rapid Micro Biosystems' Rapid microbial detection patent

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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UPW Pharma Event

Key takeaways from the UPW Pharma Event

By Mike Henley


Cooling Water

Crucial Aspects Of Bacterial Control In Geothermal Power Station Cooling Towers

By Ian Richardson, Simon Addison and David Addison


Alternatives for Reusing Waste High-Purity Water

Compiled by Mike Henley 


Cooling Water

Application Of Membrane Capacitive Deionization Technology In Cooling Towers

By Piotr Dlugolecki, PhD, Aurora Connorton-Spragg, and Carlos Camero


Boiler Feedwater

Alternative Methods for Treating Boiler Water: How Do Filming Amines Perform To Inhibit Corrosion?

By Daniel M. Cicero

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Technology Briefing

Exploring How LED Technology Could Revolutionize UV Use In High-purity Water Systems

By Saketh Thanneeru


Latest Patent Summaries: ChemTreat, Inc - Improving industrial water recirculating fluid heat transfer and a new treatment method to reduce or eliminate treatment chemicals

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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What Approach Most Accurately Measures and Characterizes 10-nm Or Larger Particles In Semiconductor Water?

By Masami Murayama, Fumitaka Ichihara, and Hiroshi Sugawara