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Can A Bromine Alternative Improve Cooling Water Microbial Control?

By Andrew Boal


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Latest Patent Summaries: Degrémont's RO water desalination plant and Veolia's Potable water production from contaminated source

Compiled by Mike Henley 


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An Approach for Copper and Hydrogen Peroxide Removal from Copper CMP and Solar Cell Wastewater

By Michael Green and Timothy Strodtbeck

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What are the Advantages to Different Filtration Technologies?

Compiled by Mike Henley and James McDonald

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Can Advanced Polymer Technology Be Effective For RO Scale Prevention and Control?

By Jonathan Hays & Kelle Zeiher


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Industry Events Calendar

By Mike Henley


Latest Patent Summaries: Siemens Temperature-controlled process fluid; Hach Lange GmbH's Sensor cartridge transport container; Nalco's Heavy metal removal

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Technology Trends

Achieving IPA Removal In UPW From Marangoni Dryers In Semiconductor Production

By Azita Yazdani, PE and George Diefenthal


Acquisitions: Is the water industry heading toward the rapids, or simply meandering along?

By Mike Henley

Water Stocks

Water Stocks: August 2016

Compiled by the UPW Team

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Cooling Systems

Understanding Water Chemistry Differences Between Closed and Stator Cooling Water Systems

By Colleen M. Layman


Latest News: SKion and la Caisse to buy Ovivo; Evoqua buys Delta UV, VAF Filtration; Veolia chosen to manage water treatment at Sinopec’s Beijing petrochemical facility...

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Technology Briefing

Benefits of RO Brine Recycle In Power Stations

By Michael Chan, P.E.

Letter to the Editor

Thoughts On Achieving A New Water Treatment Paradigm

By Shlomo Sackstein

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Ion exchange

What Are The Best Technical Practices For Deionization Systems?

By Claude Gauthier, P.Eng.

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Back to basics

The Importance of Water Analysis To Ion Exchange

By Dean L. Owens


Ecolab buys stake in Aquatech International; Evoqua to supply equipment to waste-to-energy plant; Microelectronics sales flat between April and May

By Mike Henley 


Latest Patent Summaries: Evoqua investigate a method to irradiate a liquid; Kurita Cleaning and sterilizing method for UPW manufacturing system

By Mike Henley