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Example of a photo that might accompany a bead integrity test. 15% broken beads is the maximum acceptable level.


IX Resin Testing: How Do I Understand What Has Been Reported?

By Don Downey


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Worker in ON Semiconductor’s Gresham, Fab 1 Cleanroom. Photo courtesy of ON Semiconductor.


How Has Semiconductor Water Treatment Changed Since 1997?

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Photograph of turbine rotor prior to cleaning and non-destructive testing.

Boiler Feedwater

Practical Steps to Address Steam-Caused Industrial Power Plant Turbine Damage

By David C. Cline, Jr., Bryan Martin

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A microfilter pressure vessel rack. Normal maximum operating capacity for this 24-module system is 300 gpm. Photo by Brad Buecker.


How To Prepare High-Purity Water for the Petrochemical and Biofuels Industries

By Brad Buecker


The Waterside - Part 1: Who Are Water Treatment’s Unsung Heroes?

By Mike Henley


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Example of a contemporary type of EDI system. Photo courtesy of QUA Group.

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How Has EDI Technology Changed Since 1987?

By Fred Wiesler


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Image of a membrane surface with silica and calcium sulfate scale. Courtesy of Avista Technologies.


What is Chemistry’s Role in Maximizing RO Recovery Rates?

By Lee Durham and Raul Gonzalez


Global Semiconductor Sales Show Up Tick


Patent Summary

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Fishmouth failure due to rapid overheating and lack of water flow to cool the metal. Photo courtesy of ChemTreat.

Boiler Feedwater

The Influence of Inadequate Water Circulation on Boiler Tube Failures

By Robert E. Hargrave, P.E.

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Dr. Slava Libman leads a training session during the pre-conference workshop in UPW Micro.


The Waterside - What We Learned in Portland

By Mike Henley

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Vacuum filtration of a product during the synthesis of 2-AI. Photo by Ariel J. Atkinson, PhD.


Can Incorporating Novel Anti-Biofilm Molecules into NF/RO Membranes Aid Biofouling Control?

By Ariel Atkinson, PhD; Jingbo Wang, Zhenfa Zhang, PhD; Orlando Coronell, PhD; Angela Pollard, PhD; David Jung, PhD; Avram Gold, PhD


Patent Summary: Microbial Control

Compiled by Mike Henley

LinkedIn Discussion

What Are Practical Ways to Control Microbials in RO Prefilters?

Compiled by Mike Henley and James McDonald

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Night photo featuring Langley Gulch Power Plant, a 300-MW nominal natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, located in New Plymouth, ID. Photo provided to Kiewit Engineering and Design by Marble Street Studios.

Boiler Feedwater

How Water Chemistry Training and Knowledge Sharing Innovations Can Empower Power Plant Employees

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A chemical feed pump with dial control for stroke length and rate. Photo courtesy of Pulafeeder.

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Here are the Basics of Chemical Feed Systems

By Robert Hamilton and Robert Sterner

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HVAC cooling tower at Denver International Airport.

Cooling Water

Do Current Antimicrobial Programs for Cooling Systems Control Legionella?

By Paul Puckorious