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Water Stocks

Water Stocks: August 2016

Compiled by the UPW Team


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Latest News: SKion and la Caisse to buy Ovivo; Evoqua buys Delta UV, VAF Filtration; Veolia chosen to manage water treatment at Sinopec’s Beijing petrochemical facility...

Compiled by Mike Henley 



Latest Patent Summaries: NxStage Medical, Inc's Filtration system; Hach Lange GmbH's Sensor cartridge transport container; Nalco's Heavy metal removal

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Technology Briefing

Benefits of RO Brine Recycle In Power Stations

By Michael Chan, P.E.

Letter to the Editor

Thoughts On Achieving A New Water Treatment Paradigm

By Shlomo Sackstein


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Ion exchange

What Are The Best Technical Practices For Deionization Systems?

By Claude Gauthier, P.Eng.

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Back to basics

The Importance of Water Analysis To Ion Exchange

By Dean L. Owens


Ecolab buys stake in Aquatech International; Evoqua to supply equipment to waste-to-energy plant; Microelectronics sales flat between April and May

By Mike Henley 


Latest Patent Summaries: Evoqua investigate a method to irradiate a liquid; Kurita Cleaning and sterilizing method for UPW manufacturing system

By Mike Henley


Enduser perspectives

Troubleshooting Semiconductor Water Systems with Jill Wallin from WaferTech

By Mike Henley


UPW Pharma

Practical Ways To Optimize Pharmaceutical Water System Life Cycles

By Mike Henley


Is a New Water Treatment Paradigm Needed?

By Mike Henley

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Evolving Approaches To Power Station Water/Steam Treatment

By Brad Buecker

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Technology Briefing

Changing Boiler Feedwater Chemistry and Its Impact On Metal Transport

By Steven A. Dunn

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An Overview of Good Water and Steam Sampling Practices

By Otakar Jonas, PhD, and Joyce M. Mancini

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Understanding Water Treatment Concerns With Air-cooled Condensers

By Andrew Howell

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Highly Ozonized UPW and Its Impact On Filters

By Jochen Ruth and Gerd Heser


What Is the Most Useful Measurement?

Compiled by Mike Henley