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Tech Briefing

How Do Treatment Options Compare In Removing Heavy Metals From Semiconductor Wastewater Streams?

By Kody Phillis & Brian V. Jenkins


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Water for injection


Is Distillation Better Than Membranes To Produce Water for Injection?

Compiled by Mike Henley


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The Waterside - How To Become An Expert In High-Purity and Industrial Water Treatment

By Mike Henley


Microbial Control

Can Chlorine Dioxide Control Biofilm In A Peroxide contaminated Wastewater?

By Greg D. Simpson, PhD

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Can Microbials Become Immune To Biocides?

Compiled by James McDonald, PE, CWT

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Photo courtesy of Edward G. Helmig


Practical Guidelines For Engineers, Owners, And Operators: Can Advanced Oxidation Aid The Destruction Of Pharmaceutical Compounds?

By Edward G. Helmig



SUEZ to treat effluent from Chinese industrial park, Evoqua-Singapore PUB partner to build desalination demonstration plant, Sentry Equipment rebrands and more...

Compiled by Mike Henley



What Lessons Can Be Learned From Steam Generation Chemistry Control And Monitoring Failures?

By Brad Buecker


Which is better: IX or EDI?

Compiled by Mike Henley


Latest Patent Summaries: King Technology Inc., Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. and Casale SA (Lugano, Switzerland)

Compiled by Mike Henley



How Can Preventative Maintenance Of Filters Ensure The Highest Quality UPW At Lowest Cost Of Ownership?

By Gerd Heser and Jochen Ruth

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Deposit Control

Which Polymer Treatments Are More Effective At Controlling Calcium Carbonate Scaling And Deposition?

By Zahid Amjad


Business And Regulatory Trends Point Toward Future Water Treatment Opportunities And Directions

By Mike Henley

Which is best for pharmaceutical water systems sanitization disinfection or sterilization

Ask the experts

Which Is Best For Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Sanitization, Disinfection, Or Sterilization?

By Marc W. Mittelman

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World semiconductor sales stay flat, FiberSystems to emphasize industrial markets, U.S. Water acquires A and W Technologies and more...

By Mike Henley

End users


Discussion: Do Enduser Plants Suffer From A Knowledge Gap?

Compiled by Mike Henley & the Linkedin Ultrapure Water Group


UPW Micro 2015

What Are New Trends In Semiconductor High-purity And Wastewater Treatment?

By Mike Henley

Ro carlsbad desalination plant courtesy of poseidon water

Executive Insights

Can Research & Development Maintain Dow’s Competitive Edge In Water Treatment? - An Exclusive Interview with Larry Ryan, Business President, Dow Energy & Water Solutions

By Mike Henley