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Water Sustainability: Turning RO Reject Into A Resource At Biopharmaceutical Facilities

By Edward G. Helmig, Susan E. Gregg, PE, and Patrick J. Cyr, PE BCEE


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How to Streamline Wastewater Treatment Systems and Make Money Out Of Waste

By Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser


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World semiconductor sales dec 2016


SEMI book-to-bill ratio closed at 1.06 in December

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Water Forum

How a Paradigm Change Could Resolve the Lead and Copper Drinking Water Crisis

By Robert J. Ferguson

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Back to basics

Measuring Conductivity

By William F. Harfst


Water Stocks: January 2017

Compiled by the UPW Team

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Does LED UV Offer any Advantages?

Compiled by Mike Henley 


Latest News: New ASTM test method aims to speed nitrogen measurement; Potential bidders for GE Water?; Singapore adds 5th NEWater plant and more...

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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R&D Patent Trends 1992-2002: The evolving distribution of technical approaches to UPW for Microelectronics

By Michael Bigwood, PhD


What Are Water Treatment Points of Entry?

By Mike Henley

World semiconductor sales dec 2016


SEMI book-to-bill ratio stays under 1.0 for November 2016

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Water Forum

RO is All Grown Up… But What's Next?

By Craig R. Bartels, PhD

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How Imogolite-PVA Nanocomposite Membranes Can Impact Water Flux In Pressure And Thermally-driven Applications

By Ming Li, PhD candidate and Jonathan A. Brant, PhD

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Cooling Water

Use Of A Segmented Ceramic UF Membrane To Pretreat Cooling Tower Blowdown ZLD System

By By Brian L. Wise, Stanton Smith, PhD and Mark Waer, PhD


Latest Patent Summaries: Ecolab explores the use of water-soluble substituted imidazolines for corrosion inhibition; Tianjin Polytechnic University's Preparation method for braid-reinforced PPTA hollow-fiber membrane

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Nuclear Energy

Assessment Of Polyacrylic Acid Injection To Reduce Sludge And Enhance Thermal Performance Recovery At Nuclear Stations

By Danial Soorty

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What are Your Pretreatment System Operating Tips?

Compiled by James McDonald, PE & Mike Henley



Use Of Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis To Measure Chloride & Sulfate To PPB Levels

By David M. Gray & Akash Trivedi