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Water Forum

RO is All Grown Up… But What's Next?

By Craig R. Bartels, PhD


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Cooling Water

Use Of A Segmented Ceramic UF Membrane To Pretreat Cooling Tower Blowdown ZLD System

By By Brian L. Wise, Stanton Smith, PhD and Mark Waer, PhD


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Latest Patent Summaries: Ecolab explores the use of water-soluble substituted imidazolines for corrosion inhibition; Tianjin Polytechnic University's Preparation method for braid-reinforced PPTA hollow-fiber membrane

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Nuclear Energy

Assessment Of Polyacrylic Acid Injection To Reduce Sludge And Enhance Thermal Performance Recovery At Nuclear Stations

By Danial Soorty

LinkedIn Discussion

What are Your Pretreatment System Operating Tips?

Compiled by James McDonald, PE & Mike Henley


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Use Of Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis To Measure Chloride & Sulfate To PPB Levels

By David M. Gray & Akash Trivedi

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Use of EDI Technology To Recycle HF Acid Wastes from Scrubbers and Thermal Treatment Units

By Chris P. Jones, Ph.D. Adrienne Pierce, and Benjamin R. Roberts, Ph.D.


News: SEMI ratio dips to 0.91 in October

By Mike Henley


Latest Patent Summaries: Purolite Corp's Making uniform polymer IX beads of different sizes; Kurita's Improving RO membrane rejection

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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Technology Development

Use Of A New Online Elemental Instrument For UPW Analysis Through An X-ray Fluorescence-based Approach

By Krag Petterson, Troy Pittenger, Josh Katz & M. Kathleen Brennan

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Water Stocks

Water Stocks: November 2016

Compiled by the UPW Team

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Using Membranes For Targeted Contaminant Removal In Industrial Mining Applications

By Libbie Linton, Dan Dye, PhD, Jason Nay & Lindsay Housley

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GE Water Sale: Back to The Future

By Mike Henley

Didcot power station
Three cooling towers were seriously damaged by a fire at Didcot B Power Station. Image credit: BBC

LinkedIn Discussion

Is EDI Better Than Conventional ION Exchange? and How Do Cooling Towers Burn Down?

Compiled by Mike Henley 


Latest News: GE seeks buyer for water business; Evoqua to purchase Environmental Treatment Systems and AquaVenture finishes Aguas de Bayovar purchase...

By Mike Henley

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Chemical Treatment

How pH, Ionic Strength, and Temperature Impact Treatment Inhibitor Efficacy

By Robert J. Ferguson & Michael Standish

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High-purity Water System Design

By Dina Manfredi & Dan Obercon

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High-purity Electrodeionization As A Cost-effective Alternative To Mixed-bed Polishers

By Anil D. Jha & Joseph D. Gifford