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Photo courtesy of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC. VANOX is a trademark of Evoqua its subsidiaries and affiliates in some countries.


Can Advanced Oxidation Technology Help Control TOC In Semiconductor Water?

By Glen Sundstrom, Bruce Coulter, Chris Hall & Alan Knapp


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How to Streamline Wastewater Treatment Systems and Make Money Out Of Waste

By Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser


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World semiconductor sales dec 2016


SEMI book-to-bill ratio closed at 1.06 in December

Compiled by Mike Henley 

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R&D Patent Trends 1992-2002: The evolving distribution of technical approaches to UPW for Microelectronics

By Michael Bigwood, PhD

World semiconductor sales dec 2016


SEMI book-to-bill ratio stays under 1.0 for November 2016

Compiled by Mike Henley 


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Technology Development

Use Of A New Online Elemental Instrument For UPW Analysis Through An X-ray Fluorescence-based Approach

By Krag Petterson, Troy Pittenger, Josh Katz & M. Kathleen Brennan

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High-purity Electrodeionization As A Cost-effective Alternative To Mixed-bed Polishers

By Anil D. Jha & Joseph D. Gifford

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UPW Micro & Pharma

UPW Micro & UPW Pharma: Save The Date

By The UPW Events Team

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An Approach for Copper and Hydrogen Peroxide Removal from Copper CMP and Solar Cell Wastewater

By Michael Wismer, Christopher Riley and Adam Redding

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Technology Trends

Achieving IPA Removal In UPW From Marangoni Dryers In Semiconductor Production

By Azita Yazdani, PE and George Diefenthal


Enduser perspectives

Troubleshooting Semiconductor Water Systems with Jill Wallin from WaferTech

By Mike Henley

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Highly Ozonized UPW and Its Impact On Filters

By Jochen Ruth and Gerd Heser

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What Approach Most Accurately Measures and Characterizes 10-nm Or Larger Particles In Semiconductor Water?

By Masami Murayama, Fumitaka Ichihara, and Hiroshi Sugawara

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Can THM Monitoring and Removal Be Improved In High-purity Water Applications?

By John DeGenova, PhD, Philippe Rychen, Ignacy Kieler and Malek Salamor



What Are The Purity Requirements For Microelectronics UPW Piping/Distribution Systems?

By Frank Patrick, PE

Photo courtesy of M+W Group

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PV Facility Design and Approaches to Water and Wastewater Treatment

By By Dana Brumley, P.E., and Ralph Williams, P.E.



What Are Some Principles To Ultrapure Water Quality Sustainability?

By Bernie Zerfas

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Emerging Technologies

Is POU Water Recovery And Reuse Practical In Microelectronics Fabs?

By Azita Yazdani