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A zero-liquid discharge plant. Photo courtesy of Aquatech International.


Reducing High-Recovery RO, ZLD Costs

By Dr. Michael Mickley


What Are Useful Membrane Technology Applications for Power Plant Water Treatment and Reuse

By Joseph Wong, PE, BCEE

Technology Advances

New Techniques for Real-Time Monitoring of RO Membrane Integrity for Virus Removal

By Val S.Frenkel, PhD, Yoram Cohen, PhD, Anditya Rahardianto, PhD and Sirikarn Surawanvijit, PhD


How High-temperature RO Can Assist Industrial Wastewater Recycling And Energy Conservation

By By Rich Franks, PE, Joshua de la Cruz, Craig Bartels, PhD and Gerard Van Gils, PhD

Ion exchange

Use of Shallow-Shell Resins to Reduce Demineralizer Cost

By By Francis Boodoo, Fabio Sousa, Carmen Mihaela Iesan, PhD and Sean Kennedy (Purolite Corp.)


Water Sustainability: Turning RO Reject Into A Resource At Biopharmaceutical Facilities

By Edward G. Helmig, Susan E. Gregg, PE, and Patrick J. Cyr, PE BCEE


How to Streamline Wastewater Treatment Systems and Make Money Out Of Waste

By Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser


How Imogolite-PVA Nanocomposite Membranes Can Impact Water Flux In Pressure And Thermally-driven Applications

By Ming Li, PhD candidate and Jonathan A. Brant, PhD


Use of EDI Technology To Recycle HF Acid Wastes from Scrubbers and Thermal Treatment Units

By Chris P. Jones, Ph.D. Adrienne Pierce, and Benjamin R. Roberts, Ph.D.


Use Of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor To Treat High-strength Food Processing Wastewater

By Shannon R. Grant, Dwain Wilson, ZaiYan Mi and Dale Mills

Food & Beverage

How An Aeration Technology Can Help A Food Processing Plant Convert A Treatment Lagoon Into An Aerobic Process

By Christopher B. Milligan, PE & Nicholas J. Lombardo (EI)


The Wide World of Water Treatment

By Mike Henley


UV-Induced Polytetrafluoroethylene Degradation as a Source of Particulate Contamination in Pure Water Systems

By Michael Green and Timothy Strodtbeck


An Approach for Copper and Hydrogen Peroxide Removal from Copper CMP and Solar Cell Wastewater

By Wismer et al.


Alternatives for Reusing Waste High-Purity Water

Compiled by Mike Henley 

Archive highlight

Treatment Of Silicon Grinder Wastewater For Water Reuse

By By Ray Groves, Ph.D., Hans-Jurgen Voss, Michael Ong and Bob McIntosh


How Do I Measure Organic Load To Or From My Wastewater Treatment Plant?

By Ed Helmig

Executive Insights

Rethinking the value of wastewater to enable long-term growth - An Exclusive Interview with Emilio Tenuta, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab

By Mike Henley