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High-purity Water System Design

By Dina Manfredi & Dan Obercon


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UPW Micro & Pharma

UPW Micro & UPW Pharma: Save The Date

By The UPW Events Team


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UPW Pharma

Practical Ways To Optimize Pharmaceutical Water System Life Cycles

By Mike Henley

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UPW Pharma Event

Key takeaways from the UPW Pharma Event

By Mike Henley

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How Can the Consequences of Poor Activated Carbon Operation Impact System Validation?

By William V. Collentro


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Water for Injection

Can On-Site Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI) Be Easily Produced?

By Lixiong Li and Jean J. Renard



What Are Maintenance Considerations For WFI Systems Without Distillation?

By William V. Collentro

Water for injection


Is Distillation Better Than Membranes To Produce Water for Injection?

Compiled by Mike Henley

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Photo courtesy of Edward G. Helmig


Practical Guidelines For Engineers, Owners, And Operators: Can Advanced Oxidation Aid The Destruction Of Pharmaceutical Compounds?

By Edward G. Helmig

Which is best for pharmaceutical water systems sanitization disinfection or sterilization

Ask the experts

Which Is Best For Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Sanitization, Disinfection, Or Sterilization?

By Marc W. Mittelman correct piping design can reduce bacteria in water systems


How Correct Piping Design Can Reduce Bacteria in Water Systems

By Jason Mitchell to bring your high purity water pretreatment systems into the 21st century


How to Bring your High-Purity Water Pretreatment Systems into the 21st Century

By Nissan Cohen and Shlomo Sackstein


Enhanced TOC Reduction in Pharmaceutical Water Systems Using Highly Reflective UV Disinfection Reactors

By John Wammes, Gwynne Cavender, George Diefenthal, and J.R. Cooper, PhD


A Study of the Effect of Elastomeric Seals Exposed to Ozone

By Katrin Wallheinke, PhD, Wolfgang Paul, Jeffrey Sixsmith, Casey Williamson and Marty Burkhart


Should you Anticipate System Problems?

By Mike Henley


A Water/Steam Chemistry Audit Can Be Worth its Weight in Gold

By Brad Buecker


Production of EP Water for Injection— A Technical Overview

By William V. Collentro


Backgrounder: Understanding Water and Pharmaceutical Water

By Ed Helmig