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Cooling Water

Use Of A Segmented Ceramic UF Membrane To Pretreat Cooling Tower Blowdown ZLD System

By By Brian L. Wise, Stanton Smith, PhD and Mark Waer, PhD


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Use Of Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis To Measure Chloride & Sulfate To PPB Levels

By David M. Gray & Akash Trivedi


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Does Polyamine Treatment Help Control Corrosion In HRSG Applications?

By Gregg Robinson, Trevor Dale, PhD, Craig Cannon & Daniel Harding

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Can A Bromine Alternative Improve Cooling Water Microbial Control?

By Andrew Boal

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Cooling Systems

Understanding Water Chemistry Differences Between Closed and Stator Cooling Water Systems

By Colleen M. Layman

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Technology Briefing

Benefits of RO Brine Recycle In Power Stations

By Michael Chan, P.E.

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Evolving Approaches To Power Station Water/Steam Treatment

By Brad Buecker

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An Overview of Good Water and Steam Sampling Practices

By Otakar Jonas, PhD, and Joyce M. Mancini

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Understanding Water Treatment Concerns With Air-cooled Condensers

By Andrew Howell

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Evaluating A Combined-Cycle Plant With An Air-cooled Condenser For ZLD

By Nicole Makela, Michele Funk; P.E., Joel Davie; P.E. and Ian Mitchell; P.E.


Cooling Water

Crucial Aspects Of Bacterial Control In Geothermal Power Station Cooling Towers

By Ian Richardson, Simon Addison and David Addison


Cooling Water

Application Of Membrane Capacitive Deionization Technology In Cooling Towers

By Piotr Dlugolecki, PhD, Aurora Connorton-Spragg, and Carlos Camero


Cooling Water

How Can Cooling Water Quality Identify Potential Problems?

By Paul Puckorius



Can Thermodynamics Kinetics Predict the Occurrence Of Flow-accelerated Corrosion In Steam Power Plants?


Cooling Water

Can A Decommissioned RO System Work To Recover Cooling Tower Blowdown For Reuse?

By Frank Spencer and Larry Flood



What Lessons Can Be Learned From Steam Generation Chemistry Control And Monitoring Failures?

By Brad Buecker

What are common cooling system techniques for microbiological control and monitoring

Cooling Water

What Are Common Cooling System Techniques For Microbiological Control And Monitoring

By Anthony Selby distinctive is utility power plant cooling water

Cooling Water

How Distinctive Is Utility Power Plant Cooling Water

By Paul R. Puckorius