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2008‑11 Summary of EPA Draft of Drinking Water Contaminant-Candidate List 3 Mike Henley hat are presently not subject to any proposed or promulgated primary drinking water rules. These c
2008‑11 High-Purity Water Use Optimization and Wastewater Issues Mike Henley This article will summarize the Keynote address given at the 2007 ULTRAPURE WATER Semi c
2008‑11 Use of Nonvolatile Residue Monitoring in Semiconductor Water Applications David Blackford, Ph.D. VR is not particles. This article reviews NVR and a method for measuring it in high-purity water. T
2008‑11 The Use of POU Particle Measurements in High-Purity Water Applications Bill Shade Deionized (DI) water is used extensively in electronics manufacturing. In semiconductor m
2008‑10 The Use of Latimer Diagrams to followed the Reduction of Dissolved Oxygen to Water Nicholas M. Martyak, Ph.D. Oxygen is readily soluble in water and can cause a variety of service troubles in water treatment p
2008‑10 Overview on Report on Australian Water Industry Mike Henley The Water Services Association of Australia recently published a report on the status of the water
2008‑10 Achieving Ultra-Low-Level Measurement of Anions and Cations in Semiconductor High-Purity Water S.M. Rahmat Ullah et al. High-purity water is of utmost importance in the semiconductor industry. Parameters such as s
2008‑10 Feasibility Studies for Alum Recovery from Sludge Arun V. Parwate, Ph.D. Alum recovery has recently gained more attention because many water utilities need to improve t
2008‑09 Development of Trace Metal Analyzer for Use in Semiconductor Water Treatment Vladimir Dozortsev et al. The role of automated metal ion contamination monitoring in semiconductor water system as well as i
2008‑09 Comparison of Membrane and Granular Media Pretreatment, Toxin, and Boron Rejection Results and Energy Recovery Update in Carlsbad, Calif. Jonathan A. Dietrich, P.E., and Nikolay Voutchkov The Carlsbad seawater desalination demonstration pilot facility started up in late 2002 and began...
2008‑09 Part 1: WATER EXECUTIVE Forum Highlights of International Business Opportunities Mike Henley International water market opportunities and business realities. These were among the topics ad
2008‑09 Tracking Membrane Operation in Texas Public Water Supplies: Whatメs Driving the Market? Michael G. Morrison exas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) data b
2008‑07 Water Conservation Challenges Facing the Microelectronics Industry Vyacheslav Libman, Ph.D., PE, and Andreas Neuber, Ph.D. n certain regions is limited by the availability of resources. Water is one of the most important l
2008‑07 Highlights of Report on Industrial Water Use in Canada Mike Henley The latest Industrial Water Survey by Statistics Canada in conjunction with Environment C


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