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2008‑05 Emerging Applications of High-Purity Water: Meeting Challenges of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Bipin Parekh EOL) and back-end-of-the-line (BEOL) cleaning processes. The role of high-purity water (deionized [D
2008‑05 High-Purity Water Analytical Technology for Sub 50-nm Devices Ikunori Yokoi et al. icroelectronics products have pushed requirements for high-purity water analytical measurement t
2008‑05 Greenwater: A New Way for Defining Water Reuse James P. Welch The water industry is now more adept at optimizing the integration of chemical and mechanical t
2008‑05 Purifying Water at the Georgia Aquarium Trude Witham Aquarium fish need many things to survive; clean water is one of them. The Georgia Aquarium in Atl
2008‑04 Membrane Process Offers Improved Water Recovery Hu Fleming, Ph.D., and Riad Al-Samadi, Ph.D. alinity effluents and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane plant reject water continues to undermine the v
2008‑04 Reducing Water and Wastewater Cost through Cooperative City-Industry Programs H.W. (Bill) Hoffman, P.E. The last 5 years have seen a substantial improvement in water efficiency at semiconductor f
2008‑04 Prediction and Monitoring of Fouling in Recirculating Cooling Water System Heat Exchangers Douglas B. DeWitt-Dick and Edward S. Beardwood Fouling on the recirculating cooling waterside of heat exchangers costs industry millions of d
2008‑03 Practical POU Sanitization Method for Drinking Water Used in Developing Countries Robert Y. Ning, Ph.D. rink unsafe water (1). Of that number, some 2.2 million people die each year from exposures to p
2008‑03 Part 2: Pricing, Scarcity Will Impact Future Water Business Mike Henley ource, and that amount does not include pharmaceuticals and equipment. The water business was one o
2008‑03 High Efficiency De-oiling for Improved Produced Water Quality Michael K. Bridle he heavy oil, also known as bitumen, and allows the resulting emulsion, which is a mixture of oil, water


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