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2016‑07 Evolving Approaches To Power Station Water/Steam Treatment Brad Buecker Make-up water treatment, flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) control, and improvements in on-line c
2016‑07 An Overview of Good Water and Steam Sampling Practices Otakar Jonas, PhD, and Joyce M. Mancini Editor’s note: Welcome to a technical article from our library of more than 2,100 technical and water
2016‑07 Understanding Water Treatment Concerns With Air-cooled Condensers Andrew Howell ncreasingly included in new unit design over the past couple of decades. Water scarcity, or the i
2016‑06 Water Stocks: June 2016 Compiled by the UPW Team *Quotes are from June 29th 2016 Stock quotes courtesy of Google Finance and Yahoo Finance N...
2016‑06 Johnson Matthey purchases Miox; Pall launches mobile water treatment business; WSP agrees to buy S ... chlumberger's industrial water business; Evoqua signs pact for wastewater treatment solutions Compiled by Mike Henley  Miox purchase expands Johnson Matthey’s water business footprint LONDON—Johnson Matthey has g
2016‑06 Evaluating A Combined-Cycle Plant With An Air-cooled Condenser For ZLD Nicole Makela, Michele Funk; P.E., Joel Davie; P.E. and Ian Mitchell; P.E. elationship between plant water users and wastewater producers, analyzing options for minimal w
2016‑06 Crucial Aspects Of Bacterial Control In Geothermal Power Station Cooling Towers Ian Richardson, Simon Addison and David Addison eothermal power plants with condensing steam turbines. The cooling water used to condense the exhausted s
2016‑06 Alternatives for Reusing Waste High-Purity Water Compiled by Mike Henley  (Editor’s note: This column is based on recent discussions in the LinkedIn Ultrapure Water Group. T
2016‑06 Application Of Membrane Capacitive Deionization Technology In Cooling Towers Piotr Dlugolecki, PhD, Aurora Connorton-Spragg, and Carlos Camero Cooling towers provide cooled water for applications ranging from heating, ventilation, air-c
2016‑06 Alternative Methods for Treating Boiler Water: How Do Filming Amines Perform To Inhibit Corrosion? Daniel M. Cicero or treating boiler water with filming amines. It follows on from an article published in February 2
2016‑06 Exploring How LED Technology Could Revolutionize UV Use In High-purity Water Systems Saketh Thanneeru Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation in water treatment has traditionally been associated with UV mercury-v
2016‑05 Patent Summaries: ChemTreat, Inc - Improving industrial water recirculating fluid heat t Compiled by Mike Henley  Improving industrial water recirculating fluid heat transfer Inventors: John Richardson, Dale P. S
2016‑05 What Approach Most Accurately Measures and Characterizes 10-nm Or Larger Particles In Semiconductor Water? Murayama et al. “Killer” particles in ultrapure water (UPW*) are very fine particles that are a cause of low y
2016‑05 Can THM Monitoring and Removal Be Improved In High-purity Water Applications? DeGenova et al. In water treatment history, the problem of increased concentrations of disinfection byproducts (D


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