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2016‑05 But is the Water Trust Worthy? Mike Henley treatment—whether in a semiconductor or pharmaceutical plant, a municipal drinking water p
2016‑05 How Can the Consequences of Poor Activated Carbon Operation Impact System Validation? William V. Collentro Facilities producing Water for Injection (WFI) without the use of distillation should consider i
2016‑05 Ovivo awarded US and China contracts worth over $21 million, Foundations merge and form new water r Compiled by Mike Henley  015, the ratio was under 1.0... Earnings Watts Water releases first quarter earnings NORTH ANDOVER, M
2016‑05 Is A Revolution Needed In Water Treatment Technologies? - An Exclusive Interview with Anthony B Mike Henley SP and how changes come to the USP’s guidelines impacting pharmaceutical water treatment. · An e
2016‑05 Can On-Site Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI) Be Easily Produced? Lixiong Li and Jean J. Renard hD, and Jean J. Renard, PhD, was published in the March 2008 issue of Ultrapure Water Journal. This ar
2016‑04 ignals; Sembcorp lab to research water reuse; Prototype development begins with BioLargo’s AOS filter and more... Compiled by Mike Henley  Veolia supplies DI system for Jaguar Land Rover factory HALEWOOD, UK—Veolia Water Technologies h
2016‑04 How Can Cooling Water Quality Identify Potential Problems? Paul Puckorius In our May/June, July/August, and September/October 2015 Industrial Water Treatment articles, we d
2016‑04 Why Get The Lead Out? Mike Henley ssentially means “hurry up” or “go faster”. In the context of water, it suggests removing lead c
2016‑04 PV Facility Design and Approaches to Water and Wastewater Treatment By Dana Brumley, P.E., and Ralph Williams, P.E. alph Williams appeared in our November 2010 issue of Ultrapure Water Journal. This article e
2016‑04 What Are Important Considerations In Water System Design? Compiled by Mike Henley (Editor’s note: This column is based on recent discussions in the LinkedIn Ultrapure Water Group. T
2016‑04 What Are Maintenance Considerations For WFI Systems Without Distillation? William V. Collentro The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Official Monograph for Water for Injection (WFI) accepted u
2016‑04 Intel, Coors cite reduced water use at conference, Evoqua launches advanced UPW technology facility, SUEZ gains $30 million contract Compiled by Mike Henley  voqua Water Technologies has opened a new validation, testing, and demonstration facility for the m
2016‑04 Patent Summaries: Organo - PWR primary cooling water IX system; Kurita - Ballast water treatment; I Compiled by Mike Henley  PWR primary cooling water IX system Inventors: Satoshi Kasahara, Yusuke Suwa, Chika Kenmochi Ass
2016‑03 Water Stocks: March 2016 Compiled by Mike Henley    * Not all of these stocks are included in the stock performance graph. Quotes are from Feb...


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