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2017‑11 Keys to Successful Feedwater and Deaeration within Industrial Steam-Generating Systems Edward Beardwood isted corrosion control and generating metal surface passivation are discussed. Plant best p
2017‑06 Here Are Key Aspects of Scale and Corrosion Mechanisms and Control Programs in Industrial Boiler Systems Jack Kelly Deposits on boiler heat transfer surfaces can lead to a loss in efficiency, serious corrosion, sh...
2014‑09 The Use Of A Metal Passivation Additive To Eliminate Oxygen Scavenger In A Mixed-alloy System Bill Boyd and Dave Clifton Protection of all alloys throughout the entire steam (boiler)-water cycle against liquid/steam wa...
2008‑11 Surface Chemistry Improvement on 316L Stainless Steel Weld Zones Using a Gelled Citric Acid-Based Passivation Agent Daryl L. Roll & Brent J. Ekstrand This article examines a studya to determine the efficacy of a gel-based citric acid chelant passivation


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