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2016‑12 Use Of A New Online Elemental Instrument For UPW Analysis Through An X-ray Fluorescence-based Approach Krag Peterson et al. eposit is advanced into the analysis area where it is analyzed by EDXRF while the next sample is b
2016‑09 What Are The Benefits Of Chacterizing Deposits In Boiler Water Wall And High-pressure Evaporator Tubes? Scott Reeves Weeds are plants that grow where we don’t want them. Similar to weeds, deposits in water wall tub...
2016‑08 The Importance of Water Analysis To Ion Exchange Dean L. Owens he importance of water analysis for the successful operation of ion exchange systems. I
2016‑04 Why Is Accurate Steam Sampling and Analysis Critical For Power Stations? David Addison and Barry Dooley ampling and on-line analysis of steam from boilers and HRSGs, along with the need for routine c
2016‑04 ignals; Sembcorp lab to research water reuse; Prototype development begins with BioLargo’s AOS filter and more... Compiled by Mike Henley  o January sales, according to data from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)...   Sembcorp lab
2016‑02 Minimizing Contamination For State-of-the-art Sample Analysis Pennington & Schoen This article comes from our archive of more than 2,100 technical articles published since 1984. T...
2015‑01 Part 2: Analysis Of Membranes Used To Treat Steel Plant Effluent Anna Jawor, PhD, Eric M.V. Hoek, PhD, Arian Edalat, PhD, and Y.O. Kim, PhD As described in Part I, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai Engineering) has commissi...
2014‑09 Optimization Of An All-membrane Zero Liquid Discharge System At Los Alamos National Laboratories Stanley R. Karrs, P.E. and Paul Parker, P.E. Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) is located in a remote location chosen for national security r
2011‑11 Enhanced USP 788 Sub-Visible Particle Analysis Using Fluid Imaging Microscopy Thomas M. Canty, P.E. and Paul J. OメBrien The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard 788 (USP 788) (1) describes a lab-based imaging m
2011‑06 Applications of EDI Devices in Inorganic Analysis John M. Riviello and Archava Siriraks, Ph.D. Electrodeionization (EDI) is a well-established process for the production of deionized water (DI...
2010‑05 Minimizing Contamination for State-of-the-Art Sample Analysis Betty Pennington, and Sarah Schoen, Ph.D. Semiconductor geometries continue to shrink and ultrapure water (UPW*) guidelines continue to pus...
2010‑04 Comparative Energy Consumption Analysis of Membrane Treatment Processes Rajindar Singh Membrane processes are used for many purposes. Examples include desalinating and purifying differ...
2009‑11 Important Considerations for Implementing Laboratory Water Standards Jamie Grossi The non-regulated laboratory environment has long been an overlooked aspect of the water p
2009‑01 Comparing the Functionality of Available Recirculating Lab Faucets Tom Sixsmith, Marty Burkhart, and Casey Williamson There is a variety of purified water or deionized water laboratory faucets for lab use available i


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