Boiler Feedwater

Discussion of Tannin versus Sulfite Boiler Water Treatments


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LinkedIn is perhaps the leading networking site for business professionals. This social network allows users to set up profiles, and to reach out and create personal networks among others in their particular profession. Another aspect to LinkedIn is the related groups that one may join to communicate and learn about particular special interests. Within the water business, there are more than 30 groups. Here are just a few of the many examples: Ultrapure Water, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Water Treatment, Produced Water Society, Water and Wastewater Professionals, WaterPros, Global Water Group, and Industrial Water Professionals. There are different rules governing the groups. In some cases, one may opt to join, and in some instances, your membership must be approved. Within the groups, there will be discussions at the group site on topics germane to that particular group. In some cases, the discussion is open ended and any group member may submit a comment on the group site. In other instances, the discussion is carefully moderated, and may be led by the group leader, or at least postings must be reviewed to ensure they meet group rules before going モliveヤ on the group site.

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