Business And Regulatory Trends Point Toward Future Water Treatment Opportunities And Directions

By Mike Henley


Where are the future water business opportunities? Many company presidents, business group managers, and sales personnel are highly interested in the answer to this question. In fact, many of those seeking responses are even willing to buy market research reports to gain insights.

To set matters straight, the aim of this commentary is not to gaze into a crystal ball and divine answers. For that, market studies such as those published by Global Water Intelligence do provide useful information.

Rather, the purpose of this editorial is to simply review two recent articles, and a regulatory development to see what they might say about future water business opportunities.

The first article, “The Cloud Chip”, was published in the Nov. 2, 2015, issue of Barron’s (pp. 23-24, 26). Essentially, the piece written by Tiernan Ray focuses on developments driven by cloud operators such as Google and Facebook that are driving demand for demand for different types of chips than those traditionally produced by industry leaders such as Intel and AMD. Essentially, the kinds of chips cloud operators seek are able to “think” instead of performing the traditional calculations associated with computing.


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