Dollars And Sense: A Water Technology Ownerメs Guide To Transferring Intellectual Property

By Clifton E. McCann and Gregory D. Chafee


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Putting the right price on a sale or license of intellectual property (IP) is challenging, and misconceptions about IP law and valuation can make the transfer of water technology frustrating both for the party offering the technology and the party acquiring it. Many large companies are reluctant to consider ideas from third parties, largely because of the cost and difficulty of accurately assessing the nature and value of an outsider's IP, and also because an inventor or small company can have an incorrect understanding of IP and unrealistic expectations as to compensation and other contract terms. For innovation, most large companies use technology developed in-house because reliable corporate knowledge often exists as to whether IP rights will be available and useful for protecting important water treatment research, products, services, patents, or methodologies.

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