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Here are the Basics of Chemical Feed Systems

By Robert Hamilton and Robert Sterner


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Welcome to our archive that has more than 2,200 technical articles. For June, we are sharing another article from our Back to Basics series. This one was written by Robert Hamilton and Robert Sterner and examines essential areas to consider with the use of chemical feed pumps.

Water and steam are used in a wide variety of systems throughout industry. Although the applications may vary, many of the problems are universal. The first steps in the design for any of these systems are selection of the right materials and providing the proper water quality for the application. Even with these tasks properly accomplished, problems such as scale and corrosion can still occur. This is where chemical treatment comes in.

Chemical treatment alone should not be looked upon as the complete solution. The most cost-effective solution results from the optimum combination of water treatment material selection, and chemical treatment. The list of chemical treatment applications is almost endless. However, two of the most common applications are for cooling water systems and steam condensate cycles.

Most of the problems encountered in cooling water systems can be classified into three categories: corrosion, scale, and biofouling.

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