On The Waterfront – What is an Enduser?

By Mike Henley

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What qualifies as a water treatment enduser today? In theory, these are the industrial sites that need high-purity and industrial water as a part of their process. They are the buyers and users of treatment equipment, filters, pipes, valves, UV, and membranes, among other items that make up water purification systems. 

There is still much validity to this view, even in 2015. However, changes in the business world that began in the last 20 years of the last century make it necessary to at least revisit what firms are the endusers. In the classical sense, a few of the many examples would include companies like Intel, Samsung, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES (microelectronics industries); Pfizer, Genentech, Baxter, and Amgen (pharmaceutical/biopharma industries); and Duke, Xcel Energy, and Southern California Edison (power generation).


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