Produced Water

Produced Water Recovery at Seneca Resources Using Short-Bed Ion Exchange

By Lewis Krause, Michael Sheedy, and Keith Jones


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Due to fresh water shortages in the Bakersfield, Calif., area, Seneca Resources decided to install a new produced water system at their North Lost Hills property to permit recycle to supply their once-through steam generator (OTSG). Their OTSG currently produces 70% steam at 800 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). The original produced water treatment plant consisted of gravity separators, and a clarification tank before sending the water to a disposal well. After de-oiling the feedwater specification and product targets are given in Table A. The new process (Figure 1) consists of primary oil and solids separation using the pre-existing gravity separators, and a refurbished induced gas floatation cell, a specialty nutshell filter, polishing cartridge filters, and a short-bed ion-exchange (IX) softener.

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