Ultrapure Micro Launches New Journal for Furthering Research in Ultrapure Water for Microelectronics Manufacturing.

By Global Water Intelligence


Newly established publication is the destination for industry and experts to access and develop critical research in the microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

Ultrapure Micro is the first association dedicated to providing a platform for research and development, knowledge exchange, and networking for ultrapure water for the microelectronics industry.  The association was launched alongside the new peer-reviewed Ultrapure Micro Journal (UPM) and was borne out the successes of the longstanding GWI Ultrapure brand and annual Ultrapure Micro conference, previously Ultrapure Water Micro. The association has already gathered support from key industry experts, led by a peer-review board and event co-­moderators who represent leading technology suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers.

The journal will work in tandem with the annual event to accelerate research and development within the microelectronics manufacturing process. The growing complexity of the microelectronics manufacturing process has generated demand for a peer-reviewed journal that tackles the unique needs and challenges of a rapidly evolving enterprise: the use of high purity water in microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing. The Ultrapure Micro Journal has been established to meet this demand.

Dr. Slava Libman, CEO of FTD Solutions LLC, commented “I believe many experts in this industry will agree that semiconductor manufacturing has reached the level of complexity requiring even tighter collaboration to address pressing technological challenges. Both the UPM Conference and UPM Journal play an important role supporting such collaboration. At the same time, effectiveness of the collaborative development depends on the depth of the technical discussions relying on the quality of the data used. I am expecting that the new peer reviewed UPM Journal will provide the source of quality data. It should also enhance future research and development activities in their number and quality, as more people and organizations will be interested in sharing their innovations using this improved platform.”

The journal’s peer-review board is dedicated to the distribution of high-quality research for end-users, experts, and technologists. The journal continues the proud tradition of the Ultrapure Water brand which has been publishing on high-purity water for over two decades. Its renewed focus represents the next chapter in cutting-edge research essential for critical developments in the industry. 

UPM’s relevancy in the field is as important as ever as the water and liquid chemicals used in the manufacturing process for silicon waters, integrated circuits, photovoltaic cells and other semiconductor elements are subject to the highest water purity and quality standards. The advanced nature of UPM’s topics requires rigorous and collaborative contribution from experts, technology providers, and end-users. The outcomes of research and development in this field are published in the journal.

UPM Journal is published six times per year, with each edition taking a thematic approach to a research interest for the industry. The journal topics will include:

Ultrapure Micro Journal’s first edition, Particles, reveals how it has become possible to test any microfine filter in real time, explores an experiment detailing the retention of UPW filters using enhanced SEMI C79 testing, and reviews the opportunities and challenges for particle control in advanced semiconductor manufacturing. In addition to UPM’s editors and its peer-review board, the edition has thirteen contributors across industry and academia supplying unparalleled research.

The Ultrapure Micro Conference will continue to be an annual platform for networking amongst stakeholders within this market to discuss avenues for further research, to identify new and emerging challenges, and to provide a platform for collaborative development within the industry. The conference will broaden its scope in 2018 by bringing in a new strand of research with a “high-purity chemicals” component introduced for the first time. This signifies UPM’s strategy to adapt its scope according to industry developments in order to become a leading and definitive source for engineers, researchers, technicians, and technologists involved in the manufacture of microelectronics, and to ensure its audience is kept up to date with a dynamic field that is rapidly becoming more complex.   

The journal is accessible via annual subscription on a single or an institutional basis. Alongside being granted access to new UPM editions, a subscription unlocks access to an archive of over 2,100 GWI Ultrapure articles and includes a discount for the Ultrapure Micro Conference.

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