Advances in Semiconductor Devices Drives Demand For Particle Measurement at Smaller Sizes

By Mike Henley

Analytics Instruments Particles Monitoring

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Amazing advances in the size and capabilities of semiconductor devices are driving the need for more sensitive liquid particle monitoring instruments to ensure that high-purity water used by the microelectronics manufacturers does not contribute to product defects. This continuing technology revolution in semiconductor devices is made possible by the increasingly narrow line widths of device circuits. Now semiconductor manufacturers making devices with line widths as small as 22 nanometers (nm), and some firms are even moving toward commercial production of products with even smaller 14-nm line widths. Intel, Samsung, and GLOBALFOUNDARIES are among companies moving toward commercial manufacture of chips with 14-nm lines. For a point of comparison, these line widths for device circuitry are a tiny fraction of a human hair, which can measure around 80,000 to 100,000 nm.

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