Development of Trace Metal Analyzer for Use in Semiconductor Water Treatment

By Vladimir Dozortsev et al.

Monitoring Particles Analytics

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The role of automated metal ion contamination monitoring in semiconductor water system as well as in different wet processes cannot be overestimated. Over the last few decades, there has been a consistent and growing demand for sensitive and reliable analytical devices suitable for unattended process monitoring and control of trace metallic ions. Voltammetric detectors are among most suitable candidates for successful online monitoring due to their high sensitivity, simplicity and versatility. More than 20 different metal ions can be determined at trace and ultra-trace levels using advanced electroanalytical techniques (1, 2). Another important advantage of the voltammetry over competing techniques is the ability to determine analyte oxidation states and to perform speciation (3, 4). However, to date, voltammetric sensors have suffered from one primary drawback: the sensor lifetime is unsatisfactory due to either sensor sensitivity degradation during operation, or sensor instability.

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