A New Method to Determine Particulate Filtration Efficiency of Submicron Filter Cartridges

By C. Peuchot, G. J. Lynch, and N. Petillon


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Microfiltration may be defined as the process of filtering a suspension of particles and large colloids with a size range between 0.05 and 5 micron (ᄉm). It could also be defined by referring to the pore size distribution of the porous media that the above suspensions flow through. As in all other filtering media, microfilters can be characterized by various parameters whose knowledge allows a preliminary choice, based on documentation claims, which will be validated and optimized by laboratory, and then followed by full-scale comparative trials. These parameters deal with resistance to the liquid flow, resistance to mechanical, thermal, or chemical stresses, cleanliness or media release, as well as several other characteristics.

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