Reducing Water and Wastewater Cost through Cooperative City-Industry Programs

By H.W. (Bill) Hoffman, P.E.


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The last 5 years have seen a substantial improvement in water efficiency at semiconductor facilities in Austin, Texas. Industrial customers as a whole, and especially the semiconductor industry in Austin, have made significant advances in reducing water use. Austin Water Utilityメs Water Conservation Program has worked cooperatively with the industries in this effort. The result is that both the city and the industries have benefited. High Tech Examples The City of Austin is proud of its モhigh techヤ industries. They have shown significant leadership in reducing water use and becoming water efficient. Spansion (formerly AMD), Freescale (formerly Motorola), and Samsung Austin are the major microchip manufacturers, but not the only players in the Austin area. Many smaller firms have also achieved high marks for water conservation. They range from makers of the equipment that the above use such as Applied Materials, to those who service the high tech industry ranging from circuit board manufacturers to specialty plating companies.

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